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Hey Dar, I had a brainstorm of an idea for your workout routine that will get faster results....put a 3 pound wrist or ankle weight on each end of your bowstring so each stroke will burn more calories and build up muscle size!! smilie

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Happy, happy birthday, Darlene

You're the coolest person I've never seen

I think your age must end in a "teen"

Happy, happy birthday Darlene birthday

Have a very, very, happy birthday and may it be a memorable one. Naw, if you remember it ...then you didn't have nearly enough fun!! Fuggedaboutit!!

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I'm happy to be your "right-wing-nut-job" twin, Tony! I can still remember reading my very first post from "TonyCSongwrtr" and I fell in love with you, right there on the internet in front of God--sorry Eric! :-) --and everybody!

You were so cute. And you captured my heart when I first heard your anesthetically-groggy voice on the phone when you came home after your surgery.

Proud and honored to share a birthday with ya, my love!

:)--Love, Dar

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