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Where Are You?


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missm said:

PLEASE COME HOME!! Or would you prefer that we search the stars to find your whereabouts?

I like this!!

Well, here, another option:

I've always loved "Oleta Adams" Get Here song.

I've changed a little the lyrics to express my feelings these days... :(


Can we reach you by railway, Can we reach you by trailway?

Can we reach you on an airplane, Can we reach you with our Mind...

Can we reach you by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man?

(Oh No We Can't !)...so, please Get here if you can...

Can we reach you by sail boat, climb a tree and swing rope to rope?

Take a sled and slide down the slope, into these arms of yours...

Can we jump on a speedy colt, cross the border in a blaze of hope?

(Oh No We Can't !)...so, please Get here if you can...

There are hills and mountains between us

Always something to get over

If we had our way, surely we would be closer

We Need you Closer...

We can windsurf ( Google! ) into your life, take you up on a carpet ride

Can we make it in a big balloon?

Can we reach you by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man

(Oh No We Can't !)...so, please Get here if you can...

Ohhh, Get here if you can...

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Yes, elle, we do need to round up the posse!! No, a posse means we are looking for an outlaw. You are right, this would be a search and rescue party!! elle, you can do the mouth to mouth ..since you called it first!! But if your mouth to mouth is too intense for Eric, I am still CPR certified and will gladly do the chest compressions (any excuse to rip open his shirt!)

Seriously though, why is it called a "search party"? I think when people are searching for someone, there is hardly a party mind-set in place, ya know.

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As a fellow RN, I suggest the 2 man rescue, missm would make a great assistant.... me, on the other, I would be quite content to run my fingers through those gorgeous locks, just to soothe him of course, not for ANY personal reasons!!! I like the idea of a search and rescue... Cleveland is really not all that far from Pittsburgh....

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We are trying to bring him back to the board again!! (Tammy, I gave up the whole ladylike thing on another forum in here - i am embarassed to say). Remember running your fingers through someone's hair is not the same as pulling it out in clumps. Remember, it is a "love bite" and you must carefully gauge the amount of pressure you apply as well as finding the right spot for application (listen for the moans of passion - from him not from yourself). Remember, this is NOT the Rodeo. This is not an outdoor event. Thus you don't take a ride, leap off and run out of the arena...sorry I meant bedroom. It should also take more than 8 seconds... :cool:;):D

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