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Michael Vick vs. Pete Rose

Billy K.

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I'm not a baseball fan, but I think Pete Rose was made a scapegoat...there have been far worse things done by other athletes, and they have been forgiven...WTF...its not fair, Pete Rose should be forgiven too.

Dog fighting in my opinion is far worse than gambling, dogs were hurt or killed....no one was hurt by gambling...if you lost your A** its your own fault, nobody can make you gamble.

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I'm not defending him because I think he's a snake, but at least Rose didn't throw any games because of betting. He either bet on other games, or he bet on his team to win. I think he should be allowed in the HOF.

Vick...cruel and inhumane. And to be honest, not that great of a QB. He served his time and should be allowed to return. However, I wouldn't sign him because he's really not that good.

Now how about Dante Stallworth. He got drunk and killed someone and got less than a month in jail. You and I would have been in for 3 to 5 years. He's the guy that should be banned from the league.

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Pete Rose was made a scapegoat! He bet that his team would win and on other teams! Pete did not kill anyone or anything!! I saw Pete a few years ago in Vegas signing memorabilia and sent my hubby over for an autograph. I sent hubby over because I was (and am) still very upset by the great wrong that has been done to Pete. He earned his spot in the HOF!! Let him take his rightful place!!!

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I think the biggest difference in the two is that Vick's wrongdoing was away from the game he played. Rose bet on baseball, the sport he played and managed.

Now, even though I am no fan of Rose, I feel he has done his "time" and certainly should be allowed in the Hall.

With that said, I do need to bring up the severity of what Pete did. We say he bet on his own team to win, and I certainly would hope so, but you also have to take into account the fact of point spreads.

What if he bet on the Reds to beat the Pirates by five runs and once the team was up by four, he put in his worst pitcher?

He still can say he wanted the Reds to win, but maybe he had a little personal gain "help" by throwing that rookie in there that just happened to give up an extra run or two or that pitcher who maybe shouldn;t have thrown for the thrid day in a row? We just don't know what went through the guy's mind.

All I know is that the last thing every professional baseball player sees in every clubhouse before he takes the field is a sign that warns them about the severity of gambling on the game, which Rose ignored.

I think that Rose has been punished enough and belongs in the Hall for being the hitter with the most hits in baseball history.

As a person, I've never met a bigger jerk, but I also know that there are many "jerks" in the Hall, so that should not have any bearing.

Personally, I think that Vick's sentence was too light, but he served what he was ordered to, so let him back in. His overpriced demands are just as much to blame for him not having an NFL job as his "circus", however. Backups just don't make that much money and that is exactly what he would be right now.

I've actually heard some NFL radio shows stating he needs to offer to be a backup running back or kick returner along with his quarterback services, before he gets a bite from any team.

That would show his committment to the game.

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I think they both deserve their second chance... Vick has paid the price (a very hefty monetary loss I might add) for his crime... Rose committed the unpardonable sin in baseball, and though he did not bet for his team to lose, it is possible that he managed his team in a way that might have differed had he not had money riding on it... resting a reliever an extra day for example... though I think he should have been allowed in the HOF even though suspended from the game... what he did as a player should not have been tarnished by what he did as a manager... IMHO...

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