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Favorite non-charting song of EC & Raspberries

Les R.

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Raspberries- "If You Change Your Mind"

Eric-"Sleep With Me"

If I live to be 190, no one will ever be able to expalin to me how IYCYM was not a smash hit at that time on those music charts in the 70's. Everything about it screams hit, from the arrangement to the lead vocal, to the harmonies, to the guitar work. Donald Trump should have ran through the Capitol Records building shouting and pointing "You're Fired, You're Fired" at every employee there for not pushing this song to the radio stations.

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Cool, my all time non-charter, IYCYM, has support. Love acoustic guitar in rock. What I was amazed at, and a little bit nervous if he could pull it off, it was as good, in fact better live. I saw the very first 'berries reunion in Cleveland, and without the benefit of the setlist, I couldn't believe when EC hit those opening chords, tell me who has a better urgent rock scream.. better than Daltrey,

Reminds me of two Beatles stories, John recording Twist and Shout, and Paul doing "Oh Darling" Both were very late night takes, and both knew they only had so many takes on their vocal chords, and both preferred the sound of the ragged strained vocals.

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IYCYM's coda...STILL gives me goosebumps. "baby don't leave me...baby don't go". Good God! Booyah!

I still see Paul McCartney singing that.....but dare I say he'd fall short of ec's vocals on that.

BTW my new avatar is a photo of me in a NYC cab on the way to the Raspberries BB King show in '05. Looks like we're on 59th street getting ready to head south.

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k, sounds crazy, give me a reason, why somebody with a checkbook, doesn't try to release IYCYM in todays music landscape. It's almost country, but should be a theme song for a movie.. thee most underated EC composition ... ever.

Keith Urban could take this little collection of chords and lyrics, run like the wind through the industry, but it would not trump the composers version. IYCYM.. home run, better live then studio,

What do I know..?

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