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Happy Birthday, Eric! You're truly the "King" here in this little jungle! Listening to your glorious music has become the "mane" event for me so often over the past year, and I am forever grateful to have discovered the lasting beauty of it all. I hope this year brings you the very best that life has to offer. I miss you and adore you. Have a great day, and do whatever your heart desires, because... "Leos Rule"!!!


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Elle / Wendy: I love your "Super" posts so much! LuvLove

Eric: Happy 60th Birthday??? …You don't look a day over 24! heartpump

Enjoy this special day with your beloved ones,

and Please! try to live 100 years more…

This video is kind of a little homage to you Maestro…to thank you for All your inspiration, creation and Love you’ve given us through all these years…

The video includes some of your own Inspirations, Music, Artists,Muses, etc…

( and Yourself, as eternal Muse and as a Genius!)

LOVE birthday


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Yeah, I'm draggin' along at the rear too...but Eric, it's no less sincerely meant. May you have a sunny and wonderful year, and maybe even bring some new music to the world to share with us (yeah, I'm greedy that way, but I think it'd do you good, too!). Happy Belated Birthday!

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So sorry I am late this year but I have been away. However, I wish you a wonderful year full of happiness, laughter (that keeps you young) and lots of time with your family. I wish you good health and many friends too. I love and respect you very much Eric and I hope I get a chance to meet you again.

Happy Birthday and may you have so many more.

Much Love


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