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Wishing you the happiest of times on your special day and every day ! birthday

May your birthday be as special as you are, may it be as joyful as you have made others with your music and may it be filled with as much love as your fans have for you. heartpump



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Happy Birthday Eric! My husband is your age and the two of you are examples of staying great-looking. When I was very young my parents took me for the first time to see an outdoor performance of the Raspberries in Central Park in New York City - I will never forget! I've played your songs for my daughter and her friends - they love them. LuvLove Your fans hope you perform again (with or without the Raspberries.) We also patiently await your posts on your web-site.

from a Loyal Adoring Fan

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Happy Birthday Eric and thank you for making my sister's (Valorie) greatest wish come true at the Cleveland Concert. My wish for you on *YOUR* most special day would be that by you remembering/reflecting just how many people in this world truly love *YOU* and are always only wanting the best for you...the ones that you consider truly special because their love is unconditional and they ask/expect nothing from you except friendship and love (your children, Bernie and many of the people on this board) that you *RECEIVE BACK* a million fold, all the happiness you have given in your life to others and you feel a sense of wonderment and contentment making *THIS* birthday for you the happiest one of all...it's *YOUR* day, do whatever makes *YOU* most happy and may your most secret dreams and desires be fulfilled this coming year!

Happy Birthday Eric!

*Vera aka Raspberrywolf*

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I wrote a birthday poems for Dave and Wally

And knew it would not do

Unless I came back to this board

And wrote one just for you....

Happy Birthday Mr. C

Your songs have touched the heart of me

May this year be all you want it to be

Happy Birthday Mr. C

(I never said my birthday poetry was the best. It just is) birthday

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