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Ira's Double Date


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As I sit at Denver Airport awaiting my connecting flight to Philadelphia...forced to sip a Dewar's On The Rocks With Lemon during my layover...I wanted to tell everyone what a GREAT time My friend Mel (Curlew) and I had with "Wendy-Out-Of This-World" and her friend "Sweet Susan"!

We ate and imbibed a little at a fabulous restaurant in Orange County named Opah.They had a band that played Benson,Jarreau,James Brown and Motown-Teriffic!

We talked,sang,laughed, and got to know eachother...It was the best blind date I ever had.(Remember I've never actually met Wendy...or Susan.)

Afterward we had dessert and drinks at a neat place called B.J.'s...where Susan blew Mel's mind ordering him a Beer Sampler...Like 6 glasses of different beers and chiding this non-drinker to ...""C'mon give it a shot!"..We helped him a little and gave the rest away to the next table!

Anyhoo!...Any great reviews of Wendy that you have read on the board fail to do her justice.Here's the latest review from my local newspaper...

"Beautiful",Sensitive,Funny,Sympathetic,A Pisser,...and friend Susan is a future Mega-Superstar"-I.Sperling-Edison Daily News.

When I get home me or Wendy'll attach a nice photo that Wendy took on my cellphone.

Again...Thanks Wendy...Thanks Susan...and thanks Bernie H. ...for creating a home that has brought so many people together :thanx:

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Much of what Ira says is accurate, he only left out a few details, like Wendy's 'meet and greet' at our hotel that afternoon having been supplemented by her world famous 'gello shots', and a wonderful enthusiasm rarely found anywhere. Meeting Wendy's (former) sister in law as well was truly an absolute delight,Susan being a midwestern marvel, and yes, she really did surprise me with that local 'beer sampler' extravaganza. It was truly an extraordinary journey behind the 'Orange Curtain,' one I do hope will be repeated...

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