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Meetin' Wendy


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Here's my big scandalous secret. blush

Over the last coupla months I've been talkin' to our WendyWorld on the phone alot...and she's become a very good and very important friend to me.

She has NO agendas...She is a warm caring funny person who really values friendship.

Well I'm really psyched.

I needed to get away due to some tough personal stuff...and I worked my typing fingers to the bone to find a decent last minute deal to California.

Well tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. ...I'll rise...drive to Philly International..Fly out...Spend a coupla days in L.A. with my best buddy Mel (Curlew-Former King Of Queens)...then on Friday we'll drive to Orange County to spend the day with Wendy and her family.

I gotta tell you...the Northeastern United States has never recovered from the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn for Los Angeles...and from Wendy leaving Haddonfield New Jersey for the West Coast!

I got a feeling that just like McCartney...Wendy's even better in person than over the airwaves.

One cannot minimize the value of a good friend!

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Thanks Anne...Anyone who hasn't spent time in California...Ya don't know what you're missin'

Today...The Grove....


and Farmer's Market in L.A. ...


Pizza at the "Slice" in Santa Monica"...


ribs at "Rosie's" in Northridge....


and driving the 405 in L.A. looking at beautiful mountains and canyons WITHIN greater L.A. .... :yikes:


And tomorrow some early morning biz-ness and then off to the Mission Viejo/Laguna Beach area....

"Who Could Ask For Anything More?"

P.S. ..I think if I find out that I can watch "Family Guy" at 7:00 and 11:00 P.M. in L.A. ...just like in Jersey...Then I ain't NEVER goin' home!

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