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Jim Bonfanti sent me a box of memorabilia to scan when I was working on the bonus material for the Special Edition of Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip. A lot of the wonderful things that arrived in the big cardboard box was gathered from the band's trip to Europe, and I incorporated most of those goodies into Jim's home movies. There were oodles of other surprises that I didn't use, and here are three of them.

The first photo shows an original business card from the Raspberries earliest days. I'm pretty sure the phone numbers are no longer current, but seeing the next two photos makes one realize just how busy those phone lines must have been.

The second photo shows some of Jim's collection of motel keys from the band's touring days. Maybe some of you have stayed in one or more of them. Well, Jim, Eric and the boys stayed at all of them!

The third very exciting photo is an actual page from one of Raspberries' gig books. As you can see, they were pretty popular! Wish I was able to build a time machine and go back, oh, say to May 1971. I'd catch every show, for sure. Maybe even take part in a bar fight at J.B.s Yeah, that's what I'd do.



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They must have liked Holiday Inns. When I carried some freshly printed 8x10 B&Ws to their room (they were watching Yellow Submarine on TV) it was at a Holiday Inn. I wish I could have caught a few dozen shows back then. One more in 2010 would be nice.

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Some good memories of those gig locations!! JB's was a downstairs bar on North Main St. in Kent,Ohio...been there many times to see the Berries and The Glass Harp...don't recall many fights though!!

Berkshire Hills is a golf course in Chesterland with facilities for receptions,meetings,etc....must've been a dance there.

I'm sure Chesterland refers to the Hulabaloo Club there....RHS Concord Inn might refer to Riverside High School in Painesville,Ohio...Concord is nearby.

Great stuff,Bernie!!!!

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You think the collection of keys was cool, you should have seen the collection of towels that the road crew had from all those hotels. We never seemed to have time to do laundry and always needed towels for the shows. There are some other funny stories tied in with the towels but that would be for another time.

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I found the Providence Holiday Inn key. Now it's become a Hilton, but at the time in question, this Holiday Inn was right next door to the Providence Civic Center (now called the Dunkin Donuts Center Providence). I believe that was early 1973 - February or March. I was an eight-year-old kid then, first time ever in the Civic Center, and the only time I ever got to see Raspberries live. Blood Sweat and Tears was the other act. Got the crappiest seats in the house (my parents got the tickets). Enjoyed the music, but was ornery because I couldn't see squat.


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