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Yes I know I haven't been online for a long time - not that many care lol - however, I loaded IE 8 last Thursday night and by Saturday morning it had totally crashed my Windows XP - I couldn't get anything but the dreaded blue screen. Advice to others - DON'T UPDATE TO 8, especially if you have an older computer - I had one 512mb drive die on it as well as totally render me harmless. Luckily it didn't fry my other 2 hard drives on there where my data was, so I have a computer guy reloading XP and burning all my docs and settings to dvd. Lesson learned yet again - BACKUP at least weekly!!!

Now - I have a new laptop - but I still don't have much to say to everyone except I am alive and kicking and still being delusional about seeing the Berries one last time.....

See ya.

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Hey MJ! I hope you're fine. You're not alone. A lot of other people have experienced problems trying to download IE8. People download it and then the next time they try to use their computers they can't. Or they have to reconfigure and then it reverts back to IE7.

Evidently there are a lot of problems in it that haven't been ironed out. So sorry you had trouble. People have said they've done better with Firefox. Good luck!


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Actually, I have had better luck with IE 8 than IE 7. I have Windows Vista, and IE 7 kept freezing up. When I updated to IE8, I had no more problems. I keep considering going to Firefox which my husband uses. I just can't get used to the look of it.

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We're running IE 8 on both boxes at home, an old e-machine desktop with XP and a newer Toshiba laptop with Vista. I should say that the Vista OS has stabilized over time with patience and updates. Neither seem to be having a problem with IE8. <cringe>

I use Google Chrome on both and it works well and is different ... for difference's sake.

Sorry for your pain.

I reserve my ire for Norton products!


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