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Online Degrees?


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Do any of you know anything about online degrees, please? I'm considering going back to school but cannot see my health allowing me to lug supplies around and sit in a classroom all night. (You would not believe what you have to carry to each class for fashion merchandising/design! crazy) I know I can do most general ed classes through my local college online or off-campus (working from home) but you have to be present for the fashion classes. Soooo... then I got to thinking about online fashion degrees but wondered if online classes are more expensive, do credits transfer, etc. I'd really like to go back to doing something I love. pray Does anyone know how this works and whether it's cost effective?

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Kathy Lee I am taking online classes...they are not more expensive, but I'm taking them thru a local college here...they transfer credit, just like a normal class...I don't know about fashion courses, I think that would be tough to do online,,,watch out for scam schools online some are not accredited, and you won't be able to transfer course work...I would be very leary of a school that offers a total online fashion degree....

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