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Summer Doldrums


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Art said:

This is a very boring time to be a fan. Nothing ...no news....rumors...nothing. I am going back to watch some paint dry now to liven up my summer a little.

At first (after seeing your avi lol!) I thought you meant, a very boring time to be a CLEVELAND INDIANS fan (sorry couldn't resist!!) ;), but then I realized, you meant Eric and the 'Berries :D ...lol (and I'm a big Indians fan BTW!!)! Yeah, I agree, we need some exciting news (ie., a concert here in N.E. Ohio!)!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I so agree with you, Shel. Or...as Wendy would say, WORD!

"I Can Remember" how I felt after twelve years of waiting for another album from Eric, but I still never gave up. And I was rewarded. I continued waiting for Raspberries to reunite and refused to give up even that distant hope, and was rewarded.

I'm convinced that one can actually will things to happen by refusing to accept what seems inevitable. You need faith, but as someone I consider brilliant once said,

"Faith is essential!" And was she ever right.


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