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It seems Osama's favorite EC songs on his profile are:

"Allah By Myself" and "It Hurts Too Much? Good, You Filthy Infidel!"

I don't remembers these song titles on any EC albums...Maybe Bernie has them in his vault?

Anyway, Diane says we have to tolerate Osama's wonderful diversity, so...Welcome to ec.com, my friend?... eek

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As a 28-year church organist, I've grown so sick of "Let there be peas and carrots on earth" that I now cringe when any church (Catholic, which I am, or otherwise) sings it.

Then you understand fully the extent of the sisters' punishment, Brian!

BTW, I played piano in church for many years (not quite as many as you, but almost as many). I don't recall playing LTBPOE very much, though.

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Ah Tony……I can always count on you to make a funny !! laugh

Anyway…..I practiced what I preach so when this particular discussion looked like it was taking a sharp turn and about to hit a brick wall, I turned off the computer, walked away and helped myself to a nice big bowl of double fudge brownie ice cream. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy….now there’s love in my tummy !! :liplick:

I want to send out special thanks to all those who really understand where I’m coming from. No one should feel bullied or intimidated by anyone. Everyone has the right to express their feelings on any topic and should not be afraid of being slammed. If you want to disagree……fine……but remember to use a little tact when addressing the other person.

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