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Happy Birthday Dave Smalley

You have as much talent as Buddy Holley

You drive a car and don't ride the trolley

Happy Birthday Dave Smalley birthday

Dave, have the best birthday ever and do anything you want and just go crazy!! I hope everyone who comes in contact with you appreciates the warm, caring and giving man you are!!

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Guest Fresh

Happy Birthday wishes to a special musician.I am so happy I got to 5 Raspberries reunion concerts!You guys are truly the greatest American power-pop band.

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I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, but the wishes I'm sending you still mean the same.

I know you had a super fantastic birthday and I'm sending s gazillion wishes for nothing but the very best life has to offer and a whole year of happiness, good health and beautiful things to the out-of-this-world bass player of my favorite band in the world.

Hope I get to see you sometime soon.

:)-- heartpump Love, Darlene

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I know you're having a fantastic day, but wishing you ALL the best birthday wishes in the world and hoping ALL of yours come true, because you truly deserve them!

Sending you a world of wishes for beautiful things, love and success all year long--you're my favorite beass player from my favorite band in the world!

Hope to see you at a Rasberries concert sometime soon!

smileheartpump Love, Darlene

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