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Where was he buried???


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Seriously, no one seems to know where Mike was laid to rest. I sincerely hope the Jacksons don't think that just because they had that dignified memorial yesterday that they don't have to PUT THAT MAN IN THE GROUND asap.

Conjecture - I think they may have taken a page from the Vernon Presley Funeral Planning book. Mike might be interred in a crypt (at Forest Lawn) and might remain so until they get zoning ordinances changes in Santa Barbara that will designate Neverland as a cemetary. I know this is what took place with Graceland. cool

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Who cares...let him rest!!!

Sorry Danny, The Jackson Family just announced a 50 state motorcade Jackson Five Reunion Tour. The plan is to bring Michael's coffin on stage while the rest of the brothers dance and sing around him...Lights, lasers, Michael on screen, singing/dancing along...from footage of the 1984 "Victory Tour".

$500 "Meet and Greet and Touch the Coffin" before each show.

"I'll Be There" (pun intended) king

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Thanks, Tony! You are insightful as usual. "MrsMJ" no!! Please don't try to shift that man's $400 million dollar debts on to me!! It is just missm...m if you're nasty!! haha

Tony the Jackson Five Reunion Tour sounds a whole lot like a little event called "Elvis - The Concert". Elvis' band (full orchestra and such) went on tour and played along with Elvis' video performance. Yes, I paid to "experience" it and it was worth every dime of my hubby's money to do so! But there was no meet and greet for $500.00! Maybe because Elvis had been dead for oh...hmmmm..about over 20 years at that time.

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