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After leaving The Raspberries, Eric Carmen Began A Solo Career With His Debut Album In 1975. From That LP Came The World Wide Smash "All By Myself". The 3rd Single From The Album Is Called "Sunrise". It's A Fantastic, Powerful, Uplifting, Positive Song That Rarely Ever Gets Played On The Radio Today....Even Though It Made It All The Way Up To #34 In 1976!

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I wonder why "Sunrise" was omitted from the 1988 "Best Of" album? It was released as a single, and even became a Top 40 hit. And yet the album track, "No Hard Feelings" was included. Go figure.

I also wonder why "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" was omitted from the 1997 "Definitive Collection" album? It was released as a single, and became a Top 40 hit as well. And yet "Desperate Fools" and "The Way We Used To Be" were put on there, more album tracks.

His remake of "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" hit #62 on the chart but was left off of both albums. I wonder if Eric made these decisions himself, or if it was more just the producers and record company people.

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Think Elton, Funeral for a Friend..

Sunrise is another example of a roller coaster of an EC song that is absolutely incredible live, and an obvious consideration for a live show opener.. lots of room for the possee to jam at the end.

In 1975 when Eric played at the Roxy Theater (coincidentally just a few blocks from the Sunset Strip House of Blues) he did use Sunrise as the opener. For any who might have been wondering what an ex-Raspberrie could do as a solo act, it was a total mind blower. At the end, we were all on our feet!

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Too funny, but what about your date?

Wasn't a problem. My steady for the first shows was inducted into the Army a couple of days prior to the second set. I had to scramble to reestablish the, "Good Old Girl Network" and came up short for that one show. Being left out in the cold on the Sunset Strip and sobbing a crack in the door doesn't exactly bode well for getting a repeat date, so going solo turned out to be for the best.

As an aside, that girl who got away eventually became my first wife. For that story, we had best more over to the, "Marriage - why are so many people unhappy," thread. eek

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