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RIP Sugarbabi7

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I just spoke to Lew Bundles who reminded me that it was three years ago this time (we believe) that we lost a dear friend and fellow poster Sugarbabi7. So prolific a poster was she that even three years later she still rankss 14th in all-time posts. She was a friend to many of us and I remember many a thread that she, Lew Bundles and I ran havoc on. She was the first TUNESETTE long before there were TUNESETTES. RIP my friend. You are missed.

In Loving Memory,


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Sugar was an absolutely amazing person. I miss her so very much. There was a whole thread on her virtual "establishment" and one could always go in there and have a drink, something to nibble on or pass the time of day. Just remember the antics in that "back room"! haha

She was a dear sweet and brave soul. I just loved her so much.

Thanks, TT, for marking her passing and remembering her. Sugar was a devoted fan, board member and friend, and her memory is vibrant. She's still very much with us in spirit.


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I have great respect for you and certainly hope you choose not to leave here, but I don't think Tom was out of line questioning you when you say someone "betrayed" you in a thread that he started to celebrate a beloved poster's life.

He didn't say anything rude and just said "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it" which might have been my thought, too, if I had read it first.

Maybe if you expanded your thought on the "betrayal", Tom might have not taken offense to it, but I believe he was just taking on the role of protective big brother for someone we loved and cared about in asking you to keep any negativity towards her private. I don't understand your attack on Tommy for simply trying to bring back some positive memories for many of us?

I have always enjoyed your posts and hope to continue reading them in the future here. I'm sure you have your reasons for writing what you did, but Tom's thread was meant to remember her positively, as most of us oldtimers here do.

I know I am not alone here in my feelings for Cheri. You even remarked that you "loved her, too". We have had so much hostility here over the last year, and lost so many great people, let's try and stay positive.

I would be happy to carry this on offline if you feel the need.



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I came in on the tail end of Cheri's Soda Shoppe. A lovely lady, she died from complications of diabetes. Kiwi and Muzza were gracious enough to keep in touch with some of her family and her hospital as long as they allowed and forwarded information to the board but that didn't last long. We found out much later that she had passed.

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