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Pitchman extraordinaire Billy Mays dead....


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I haven't had my TV hooked up for over a year and a half...So amazingly...I had to go to YouTube to see who he was...And after seeing his videos there i do remember him...It's a testament to the effectiveness of his work that his death has received so much attention...His informercials have been that much a part of the television experience.

Maybe now there's room on TV for me as a manic pitch man.

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Guest Fresh

Actually he died from an accummulation of Oxy and Orange molecules in his blood.They so effectively cleaned out his pipes that the pipes themselves dissolved.

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The last I heard, which was yesterday, the cause of death was a heart condition that led to cardiac arrest. He seems to have died in the same manner as Michael Jackson, tho it sounds likely drugs may have caused Michael to arrest, while with Billy, it was just a "natural" death.

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