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Any Upcoming Tour Plans?

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simonecimar said:

I will be in charge of bringing the frozen drinks (marguaritas.... zombies???).

Ok Tammy, I believe I still see you are at JR status. That's like being a "Brownie" in the real world. You need to bring your rank up to "member status" which is like being a "Girl Scout."

Also, in the ec.com rule book which Bernie took so much time to put together, and which I'm sure you've read by now—it clearly states on page 56, section: 34-c that for one to be in charge of any type of frozen drink at any kind of "fanzie" get together or concert, one must be a full fledged card carrying member of this board.

So, I encourage you to post as much as you can to get to 26 posts (member status) and then I believe you can submit what you will be supplying whenever there comes a chance to supply.

Now, get that posting status up! I'm cheering you on! ;)


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My guess (DISCLAIMER: Pure speculation, no inside knowedge on this matter)

I doubt you'll ever see the Raspberries live again. They proven every thing they can, and the legacy has been digitally captured forever. Only economics, or an incredible jones for applause, would have them tour and that doesn't necessarily work, unless they get a sweetheart joint gig (ala Styx/REO) or a special appearence request (ala HOF).

Me thinks EC has reorganized priorities, however... the only missing puzzle piece is the overlooked solo legacy. He and his buds have proven that the Raspberries were underrated, but what about EC solo.

I sat a few rows away (thanks June) and saw MMLC and Boats live, and holy crap! once again the solo challenge wouldn't be what songs to include but rather what not to play.. soft my ass, EC live, which many songs I believe have never been done live, would be a rock and roll roller coaster ride not to forgotten.. align the stars, promoter, venue, and I believe there is a sliver of hope that EC would like to complete his legacy, and digitally preserve it, for his kids..

One hell of a show.. Boats live.. had to be there..

PURE speculation, my 2 uninformed cents.


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Boy, you'd be hard pressed to find any living artist/band with LESS available info on their activities.

At this point, it'd be great to just get an update confirming that all 6 former members of the Berries are still alive and (reasonably) well!

Gigs? Total silence.

New songs? Nothing but crickets.

We don't even get to hear about grandchildren, graduations, pets, or any of the other zillion ordinary every day things you get from other artists. Personally, I'd love to see some pics of Dave and his dogs (if he has any - I have no idea), or Jim and his prize-winning peach cobbler, or Wally's trip to Serpent Mound. Most folks here would love to hear even a routine list of what Eric is up to. Mowed the lawn? Tried Pepsi Throwback? Decided not to rent Grand Torino?

Is the point of the site so we can all wish each other a "happy birthday" and argue about Obama? Or is there an active artist/band hoping we'll all stick around to see/hear what they come up with next?

Are we fans or friends? If we're fans it seems like they ought to be doing more to keep us interested. If we're friends then maybe the professional distance could be relaxed a bit and we could hear what our friends are up to these days.

Me? I'm digging in the garden and working on my two musical projects. Thanks for asking...wanna see a picture of my cats? -_-

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Doug, I want to see a picture of you and your cats digging in the garden! If you don't have that, I am happy to settle for a picture of your cats!

How's about a listen to the two musical projects you are working on? They are probably great! :)

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Yes it would be great and interesting to hear something from Eric and what he's up to these days.

I'm curious myself to know how he spends his days.

But as for me right now, I'll actually be leaving for the airport in about 2.5-3 hours to go up to PA for a seminar/vacation.

I have 3 cats; maybe when I get ready to put an avatar up it'll be a pic of them together; I believe I have one.

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Doug said:

Boy, you'd be hard pressed to find any living artist/band with LESS available info on their activities.

I have to admit Doug, you've got a point. While Bernie continues to make the site in general a truly fabulous salute to Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave, the Community Section seems to be morphing into a platform for self promotion.

What drives me crazy (for example) is when I see a new thread that's labeled "New Photos", I click it thinking I'm going to get some new shots to Eric and Wally jamming at some Cleveland nightclub. Instead I get pictures of members' cats, dogs and rose gardens (complete with animated butterflies).

But until there's some news from Eric and/or the Raspberries I guess it's only natural that we create our own news.


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The hardest part of keeping this website going when nothing's going is to, well, keep it going :) Unfortunately, that takes free time...and I seem to have far too little of it lately to make a significant impact on new content. Heck, I'm still trying to get the old content updated! I managed to tweak everything into the new layout except for the "Press" and "Multimedia" sections. They're next. Then, I suppose, I can focus on keeping the torch lit around here. Until then, I have no misgivings about the community nature of the, well, "Community" section of EC.com. So, carry on!

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Hey Bernie - I understand that you have precious little free time, but did you run out of photos in your secret collection? When you have the time would you post one (or two) a month...please...pretty please with ice cream and a cherry on top! :lol:

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Well while it would be great to see new pics of Eric, whether professional or personal, I also don't see anything wrong with us sharing our own photos with each other either.

It helps us get to know each other better and puts a face with the posters and who we're talking to--I enjoy looking at member pics as well as ones of Eric, myself.

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Hey Bernie......... one of life's greatest compliments is NOT hearing complaints about our endeavors (endeavours to Kiwi/Muzza).

You do such a superb , often times, transparent job here...that just the mere continuance is applause for you.

You're like the umpire, ref or judge who is hardly noticed during these "down or slow " times...because your herculean (yeah I said herculean) efforts are seemless.

Dude you rock....and are SO appreciated! Thank you very much!

BTW how's summer traffic in NJ?


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