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Any Upcoming Tour Plans?

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Hello Eric:

I was wondering if by any chance you'll be touring in the near future. As I posted in my intro to everyone, I'd LOVE to hear "Make Me Lose Control" live one day, if possible, as whenever they play the CD at work with that song on it I sing and dance to it and crack everyone up--LOL!

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I don't pretend to be an expert in the matter, but I think if you were planning on seeing Eric , the chance was 4-5 years ago , during the Raspberries Reunion tour. I know the saying "never say never", but If I had an extra $1000, I'd bet against seeing him or the Raspberries again, excpet a show here and there, like at the Rock n' Roll HOF. As days pass into weeks and months turn into years, I can't see them doing a series of shows at age 70. Eric probably doesn't have the zeal for a solo tour that he once had. That's not a knock on him, but probably just the truth of the matter.

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Yes you have a point there, and I've thought kind of the same thing, as I know Eric is getting older and all.

Maybe if he should do a solo/one-time appearance at a HOB or something sometime I'll be able to catch that, even if I have to travel--may happen and it may not.

Thanks Randy. :)

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I like to be an optimist about getting older. For me, I think my best is yet to come.

I like being the 47 year old woman that I am now more than the “girl†I once was. (Except for the parts that need a little botox and restylane, :lol: but you know what I mean.)

Always remember that just because a person ages, doesn’t mean they’re an old horse ready for pasture. Some people are natural - Stallions!

At age 60:

Playwright and essayist George Bernard Shaw completed a play, "Heartbreak House," regarded by some as his masterpiece.

At age 61:

Physician, author and running enthusiast George Sheehan ran his fastest Boston marathon ever.

At age 65:

Jazz musician Miles Davis defiantly performed his final live album, weeks before he died.

At age 67:

Paul McCartney is currently on tour.

At age 70:

Benjamin Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence.

Judy Brenner, who had recently run the Boston Marathon, chased a teenage shoplifter 100 feet and helped hold him until police arrived.

At age 75:

Cancer survivor Barbara Hillary became one of the oldest people to reach the north pole.

At age 80:

Jessica Tandy became the oldest Oscar recipient for her work in Driving Miss Daisy.

Sir George Martin (along with his son Giles) co-produced the Beatles' album "Love," the soundtrack to a Cirque du Soleil play.

At age 85:

"Coco" Chanel :heartpump: was the head of a fashion design firm.

Theodor Mommsen became the oldest person to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Presidents 60 years old and older:

John Adams

Andrew Jackson

William Henry Harrison

Zachary Taylor

James Buchanan

Harry S. Truman

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Gerald Ford

Ronald Reagan

George H. W. Bush

Age isn't always a factor of what one does or doesn't do. The above are a few examples. :D

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Y'know... EC and Wally and Jim and Dave... FLORIDA is the place that old people like to come and spend the winter months... Snowbirds we call them... but if you guys got the "bug"... or tired of living in the Frozen Tundra over the winter... you could perform a concert or two here to make the trip worthwhile... We have a couple of nice venues in Daytona Beach... Orlando is just 60 miles or so away... and then you could write off the "vacation"! :lol:

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Wendy (as usual) you are so eloquent and right on the money in your statement about one's "prime". Maybe he will or maybe he won't tour, but that decision is up to Eric alone and may be made on his desire to go on the road again. Only Eric can say what he will do. As only Lisa Marie can express what she would like Eric to do. (Wendy - leave that last sentence alone! I know where it can and SHOULD NOT go.) :lol:

Being a woman is always better than being a "girl"! Just think of all of the woman's knowledge you have gained!!! :)

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LisaMarie, this is just the way the board 'talks' to each other. We ramble and go in different directions, converge temporarily, and then are off and running in different directions again. :blink: At the moment the only answer to your question is that nobody knows anything. But then again, that could be said at any given time about any given topic with this crowd! :lol:

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And Marlene, if this should happen you know I will travel to the ends of the earth for you and I to once again reunite.

And this time, we shall partake in some of my self-proclaimed "world famous jell-o shots." They always get a party started! ;)

These are not my jello shots, but I liked the photo.

Also, I'm not accountable for what I say or do after a few of these.

So let's just clarify that right now then I can reference this at a later date. :)

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Would LOVE to catch a live performance.... of course first and foremost to witness "the master" perform in person (and perhaps have the chance to meet him) but also to meet some of the great people that post here. Jello shots and cupcakes??? Both are good separately, not sure about together!!! I will be in charge of bringing the frozen drinks (marguaritas.... zombies???).

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