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Farrah has died

Matthew C. Clark

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Yes, they just announced it on our local news here, just about a half hour ago. Very sad, and she and Ryan were planning to get married.

I have to say when I first heard this, it annoyed me a bit. They've been together forever, and she's gotta be dying for him to marry her? Maybe it's me, but I just see it as proposing for the wrong reason, he could have married her decades ago. Just my opinion. frown

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Julia, I think as he saw the reality setting it that she was really dying (she and he believed that she would beat the disease), he probably had an earnest desire to reaffirm his love for her. I can understand that.

Also, her documentary (which was graphic and painful to see) was done because she thought it would help people to fight and try to live and raise awareness.

The reality show documentary and Ryan's interview(s) are also probably an attempt by her to secure more financial security for her children, whom she loves dearly. Many stars do that. They will put themselves out there, warts and all, so they can leave their families even more secure. I don't know if that played any part in her and Ryan's activities, but it does with many stars.

What a beautiful lady. She was to the end. Her memory will always be beautiful. What a love they shared! It's an inspiration.


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