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Farrah Fawcett


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Yes, The Burning Bed did show her acting chops. There was another movie with her trapping some attacker in the fireplace, the title is Extremities and it was good! She also starred in "Murder in Texas". Despite how the media tried to discredit her acting, she could and she did (act).

I don't think I will watch the tabloid shows tonight out of respect for Farrah. I am sure someone will track down Lee Majors to bother him about this.... cryingarrgh

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Classy lady! Decent actress. Never a scandal about her (Ok, Ditzy Letterman appearance), just a few about the people around her. Career mistake leaving Charlie's Angels too soon. Should have put in about 3 seasons.

Other than that, Well done, Brave Lady Farrah. crying

P.S. Sorry to be rude, but your nipples were always A-list+++!

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Class indeed! Farrah was a beauty inside and out always.

She put her family first and built a marriage with Ryan O'Neal that stood the test of time. He'll be devastated like Macca was over Linda.

Farrah had a beautiful heart and soul and will always be remembered. She fought valiantly against the disease because she loved her life and family so much. She leaves a brave legacy of love to her family and everyone else as well.


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