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Louise Covers Eric....


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Though not literally.... haha

I found sound clips of 2 Eric songs covered by Louise Mandrell that are available on her "Anthology" CD.(And ONE Eric and Louise DUET!

Who can tell me which 2 songs are Eric's...

Some Clues...

1)-Don't say to me..."You Never Told Me" about these covers.

2)-A (paraphrase)..."perhaps my ex has a new parmour"... eyeblush

If you can find these songs in toto....I'd love to hear them...Meanwhile some Amazon.Com audio clips for your listening pleasure.


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Ira I know #2 is Maybe My Baby! As for #1, I am not sure.. but there is a nice duet with Eric and Louise on this site. The duet is for the theme song for a television show starring Alan Thicke. I think the title is 'As long as we've got each other".

I will try to find Maybe My Baby for you on youtube.

The Mandrells are all multitalented, but they don't excite me. Most people in Oceanside, CA know who they are but don't get all hot and bothered. Their dad owned a music store here in the late 1960s. Barbara was Miss Oceanside back in the day. I remember going to the music store with my mom and meeting Barbara and being told she was a singer. But that is about it.

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Darlene...Why more Eric songs aren't covered by major artists is beyond me.

Why "The Way We Used To Be" hasn't been recorded by Anka,Bennett,or Sedaka and why it isn't a standard in heartbreak ala "Yesterday" and "All By Myself"...is also beyond my comprehension! :yikes:

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I would love to hear Kelly Clarkson cover "it hurts too much"( which is one of my favorite EC tunes}...she has that "raspy" sound to her voice...its awesome

Nice call.. would work, on one of my all time non-single EC songs, but my all time fave is If You Change Your Mind, and I think that would work well for one Ms. K. Clarkston too, but something inside me doesn't want to give that one up to a cover, EC's screams,one of the best in the last half century. I'm protecting one of my favorite songs, but KC, if she did EC, IHTM and IYCYM is a bunch of gold that young handlers can't seem to see. Pink would be jealous. It would work. But I guess that's why no one is asking my to be an A/R guy or manager... yet

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