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Sending Lots of Love on your birthday !!! Have an absolutely fantastic day !! happy

Your birth-date has a modifying influence on your life....

You are bossy but not a leader. You are capable of tackling large scale undertakings, often by applying unorthodox methods. You can assume great responsibility, work hard for long hours to get the work done. You are often rigid and stubborn and have a tendency to repress feelings. Most people look up to you for your capability and confidence although they find you quite stubborn. You should listen more to others. Idealistic, you work for the greater good with a good deal of inner strength and charisma. An extremely capable organizer, you seldom pay attention to details. You are very aware and intuitive. You are a unique and a charming individual. You are subject to a good deal of nervous tension. You hardly take the moderate track. You either love or hate someone. Whom you call friends are the chosen ones. If any of them betray you, you won't let them get away without having hard time.

Your true color: Maroon

Fig Tree (Sensibility) -- very strong minded, a bit self-willed, honest, loyal, independent, hates contradiction or arguments, hard worker when wants to be, loves life and friends, enjoys children and animals, few sexual relationships, great sense of humor, has artistic talent and great intelligence.

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Flying the birthday banner and sending LOADS AND LOADS of wishes for a picture-perfect birthday to the sweetest and most wonderful guy anyone could ever meet!

I hope you get spoiled rotten on your special day and find your biggest, most beautiful birthday wish coming true!

Wishing you a whole year of fantastic things, good luck, peace and happiness, because you truly deserve all of it!

L O L (LOTS OF LOVE, as you always say),

Love, heartpump Darlene

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