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Happy Father's Day To All


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Just wanted to extend a wish to everyone here on the board. Being a father is absolutely the greatest thing in the world. It makes all the crap in this world worthwhile. (Find THAT on a Hallmark card!)

Yesterday, I had a high school girl that plays on my daughter's team come up to me after practice and hug me for an extended period. I let her do it for as long as she needed. She lost her father last year. She had tears in her eyes, which didn't take long to get me going too, and wished me a happy father's day and didn't say anything elese about it. She didn't have to. She just looked at me and smiled.

So, don't be afraid to go up and hug your kid today whether they are an infant or seventy! Do it! NOW!

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What a wonderful example you set with that girl, Pat, or she never would have come to you in the first place. You gave her love and support when she needed it. My father was never particularly interested in us except to tell us where we fell short and how much we held him back. The stories that you and several other of the gentlemen here tell speak volumes of the relationship you're sharing with your kids. It makes me feel so warm inside each time you guys tell your stories and I just want to say thank you for sharing them and wish each of you a fantastic Father's Day full of love and appreciation! heartpump

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To all of the "Daddies" on the EC message board...it takes a very, very, very special man to be a "Daddy". I had never refered to my father as anything other than "Daddy" until he died. He was a very, very, very special man and I know that each of you are as well!! So have a Happy Daddies Day!!

Just remember...don't forget the thought behind the gifts you will receive!! spin

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The guys I've met here at EC.com aren't just great people, they're terrific fathers as well!


And to mine, whom I miss every day and try to make him as proud of me now as he was when he was here.

I love you, Daddy.

Love, heartpump Darlene

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I truly had the best one ever today. No arguing amongst the kids, now 14/12/12. And even THEY said, it's not about the stuff we did, it's that they spent TIME with me.

Pretty heady stuff for pre-teens. I am truly blessed.

I hope every father on this board had as great, if not greater, Father's Day as me.

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