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Peaches and Herb(third time around)

Billy K.

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Saw this article on Peaches and Herb....OK, I'm not a fan of theirs, but I find the whole situation interesting.

P&H had hits in the late '60s, went away, had hits during the disco era, and are now finally back.

During this time away, Herb Fame(real last name Feemster)was

working as a security officer at the Court of Appeals for Veterans claims....and in fact, will still continue to work there as his "day job".

And, unlike many famous musicians, he is still married to his high school sweetheart after all these years.

There is a new "Peaches", and she is from Spain, no less. And this is Herb's first recording in 26 years!

But I do agree with Herb's sentiment. He is not thrilled with the music industry. Not to mention the fact that he dislikes the fact that many of today's music has too much violence and profanity.

And he isn't looking for this as his paycheck, since he has a decent salary and pension, being at a federal government job.....not to mention winning a series of lawsuits over past unpaid royalties, a few years back.

So, a guy disgusted with today's music......and just going out and putting out some of his own new music...."just because"........I can relate......and there's a part of me that is pulling for him.....

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