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Thank you all so much for such wonderful words to read about oneself on one's “special†day. (I love using the word "one." And I use it as often as I can. )

From the bottom of my heart, you can't believe how happy it made me to read your messages. As a lot of you know, I see myself as this "off the wall" chick from the OC. The quiet, shy (oh yes), insecure kid who had to use her sense of humor to vie for attention against her beautiful, out going sister who could walk into a room and it was hers.

Speaking of sisters, mine didn't disappoint the night before my birthday when we met up with Bernie for dinner. Maria was in top form! She had us laughing all night. I'm so happy she my sis!

Oh…and here’s a picture of the cake that Bernie, et al had presented to me. We went to Koi in Beverly Hills. YAWZA! and YUM! Thanks again, Bernie!!!!! :thanx:heartpump

[Ok, Focus Wendy---focus]

Ah yes, I guess what I am trying to convey is that what others see in you is not always what you see in yourself. And it is truly wonderful to think that there are those out there (actually right here on the board) who take me as I am. Lock, stock and barrel! Daaaayam!

Gosh...I love you guys!

Thank you again for all the posts...but most of all, thanks for allowing me to be part of your life, even if it is in cyber space. My wish is to meet all of you, get a chance to hug you and then, well, you know...sing to you in Lithuanian. Hey, grab that hurdle and jump over it...that is what WILL happen! Why…because...that’s just silly ole me.


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Happy Belated B-day Wendy. I wish I had time to wish everybody happy birthday on their day...and I wish I could express in words what an impact you have had on us all. Some of the lyrics Jagger sang in the chorus of "Start Me Up" come to mind...Oh, and thanks for making EC.com a semi-nude website...You are always the life of the party! birthday

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