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"Lets Pretend" We are "On the Beach", "I want to be with you", we could "Go all the way" "Tonight" before I have a "Change of heart".

"I wanna hear it from your lips", "The way we use to be","If you change your mind","Starting over" would be "Almost Paradise"

"I don't know what I want", but when I look into your "Hungry Eyes", you.. "Make me lose control" its "Ecstasy"

You say.."I'm a Rocker","Overnight Sensation","Crusin music" "All by Myself".."I'm never gonna fall in love again".."It hurts too much".

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"I Can Remember" "Foolin' Myself" into believing that "Love is All That Matters" at "Sunrise". We might have been "Desperate Fools" for telling one another to "Take It or Leave It" when we knew we had "Nowhere to Hide". I'd rather that we'd "Runaway" than be "Boats Against The Current" because "Heaven Can Wait" until "Someday". You said "Hey Deanie" "Haven't We Come A Long Way" since I first asked you to "Sleep With Me". I told you I would do it "All For Love" if you would just "Come Around and See Me." Well "Tonight You're Mine" and I'm "Makin' It Easy" for you to get the "Inside Story". "Nobody Knows" "If You Change Your Mind"

and ask "Should I Wait". "I Can't Explain" it's not the "End of the World" because "She Did It" with the "Marathon Man". There were "No Hard Feelings" because "I Think I Found Myself" "Lost in the Shuffle' when the "Party's Over" just because "You Need Some Lovin'". LuvLove

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Hey Baby,

I've been thinking about you non-stop ever since we couldn't stop kissing "Last Night". With your body pressed against mine "You Took Me All The Way" until I knew that just one more minute of your lips touching mine could be just enough to "Make Me Lose Control" of my heart, body, and mind.

With every passing moment as I stare into those sexy blue eyes, I'm becoming more and more sure that "I Could Really Love You". I'm beginning to feel as if life just wouldn't be worth "Living Without Your Love". Oh "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" so much!

I want to give you "Everything" you've ever dreamed of. Just for "Tonight" let's forget about the rest of the world. How I wish I could make time stand still for a while because "I Wanna take Forever Tonight" when I finally get you in my arms. I'm just going to slow things down and take my sweet time loving you until I make you feel as if you're in "Almost Paradise. "Sleep With Me", my darling...and I'll give you all the love that I have to give. Baby, before the night is through "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" that you love me too. I long for you to tell me "Tonight You're Mine" and that "Someday" soon we'll be together forever.

Then, when the morning comes after our first night of loving, we'll hold each other close as we watch our first glorious "Sunrise" over the ocean together... I'll whisper in your ear," "Isn't It Romantic" how when I gaze into this endless blue water it reminds me of the first time I stared into your eyes and I somehow knew that I was seeing my forever?"... And I'll admit how, at that moment, I finally realized the true reason why I was put on this Earth ..." "I Was Born To Love You". So, with this new reason for living, I'm now praying "Heaven Can Wait" for an eternity... just so we can spend it together.

...As we hold each other tight, each precious moment brings us closer to forging a love as strong as a magnet and steel, knowing that we've finally found a love that nothing can ever tear apart. Our time together will never be enough to satisfy the "Hungry Eyes" of a love that leads us to the depth of our souls... to a place of beginning...where we can eagerly await the rest of our lives; content in the knowledge that together forever we've discovered "There's romance in the sunset" for the two of us, and for our eternity, as we set sail on the destiny of a love that is ours and ours alone for... "We're Boats Against The Current To The End"....

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Gee elle that is simply fantastic! A great read and extremely well written. Your story is like you - passionate, sexy, classy and a lot of flair! I love the way you used one of my favorite songs (despite it not having been written by EC) - "Magnet and Steel". LuvLove

As much as I am enthralled with "Winter Dreams", I did not think of a single title from it. Who is the "blue-eyed" person of whom you speak? smilie

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Here is the chorus...

you could...

make me lose control at sunrise

i wanna be with you all day

i don't want to say goodbye

until we both go all the way

i wanna hear it from your lips

that you'll never have a change of heart

it hurts too much, all by myself

'cause this is almost paradise

It's too late and i'm too tired to do any verses.

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Thanks, missm for being so complementary! :thanx: I love to attempt to write, and am a hopeless romantic...so this thread was "right up my alley"!

The song "Magnet and Steel" has a sentimental meaning to me from a time in the past, and it "connected" wink with what I wanted to convey.

And, as for that man with the blue eyes... well, he's just the man of my dreams... LuvLove

Most of all...Thank you, Eric...even your song titles are a beautiful inspiration! heartpump

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elle - you are welcome for my "honesty". Honey, you don't attempt to write you actually do it! Yep, hopeless romantic here too. Seems like a lot of us on this board are hopeless romantics! heartpumpLuvLove

The sentimental meaning of "Magnet and Steel", I understand..what with me being such a "Sentimental Lady". elle, I hope you catch up with that blue-eyed man of your dreams. Or maybe he needs to pick up his pace and catch up with you. heartpump

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