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Pretty Pet Pictures


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Well, I guess I'm challenged at uploading photos myself! He's on my Facebook page. Wendy???!!!! HELP!!!! Lol!

How the heck do I get the picture to just show up here without posting a link???

You're almost there Julie.

at the start of the url code at the end of the link---GOOD!

EXAMPLE: To find the url code go to Marlene's pic below your post and right click...you will see PROPERTIES. Click on that.

You will see URL code/Address:


Now go to your face book and do the same thing, find the photo you want to display and right click on it. It should state: PROPERTIES then click on that and find ADDRESS. That is your url code.

Get that code and place in front of it, no space and at the end of it. And it should work. smile

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WOW! grin...I'm SOOOO glad that you guys re-discovered this thread...

When I woke up today on my official summer get-away with my great son Jake to see more new photos from more community members of the true "Tzadikim"..("righteous" members) of Ec.com...of more of our lovin' pets...I got alot of "Nachas" (pleasure! smile

As I may have posted before....

"Keep It Comin' Love(s)"-K.C. And The Sunshine Band.

Great,Great Stuff!

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