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O.K. ....So many of us have actually become computer-literate smart...thru our involvement with E.C.Com...I'm not being sarcastic...I really mean it.

As a teacher I know that kids will work harder at something they're really interested in...And that's what this site has done for me and it's improved my typing and computer skills.

Having said that...I can now upload photos....So here's my beloved Styxx lookin' cute as hell!


I hereby invite "alla youse" new and veteran computer wiz-kids to upload and share photos of your bee-yoo-tee-ful pets. LuvLove

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Thanks, Wen!

I hope to achieve Ira's success level in the near future. So far, I have been rejected by photobucket and the EC website trying to upload pics. I haven't given up, I'm just giving it a rest.

And yes, I do follow all the instructions, only to get to the very last 'click' and nothing happens. mad

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Thanks Ira:

Sheba is a beautiful redneck goofball. (In fact her nickname is Faith Hill....another beautiful redneck...I say that lovingly). Boxers are very intimdating looking but are very VERY playful. Sheba is no exception. She's five years old and weighs 72 lbs. True to form....boxers like to greet humans face-to-face and tend to jump to lick a person's face with paws outstretched...mimicking a fighter's jab. They maintain their "puppy" attitude until they die.

She is a lovely clown!

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Thanks you two! She is a beautiful dog inside and out.

I can't imagine my life without her!

Sheba and Max are beautiful K9's too!

I started working part time at a doggie day care facility that my sister in law bought, and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH of all the dogs. I want to take them all home with me...especially the pups!

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This is my newest furbaby, Dobson. Note, he is a 3 colored male kitty. He is currently at the vet getting "snipped". Ouch!

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