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Happy Birthday Sweet Kiwi!

Did you know that you were the first person who welcomed me (almost exactly one year ago!) here at EC.com?? I'll never forget that graciousness! :thanx:

I've come to learn that you're just that kind of person...gracious and kind!

Hope Muzza gives you a special surprise for a very special Birthday!

Elle birthday

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A big THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes. On my actual birthday Muzza LuvLove took me out for Dinner. Then on Saturday night he organized a party. It was great to see so many of my friends in same place at the same time. Thank you my Darling LuvLove for all the hard work you put into organizing it, especially since we've only been home for a week.

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The happiest of belated birthdays to you, Kiwi/Marilyn. So sorry I could not be take part of your "American Tour"...tough being a father to 4 teens and having a band on weekends...but things are looking up for me to seeing YOU in December!

The promoter just last week said is working on 2-3 shows in NZ with Terry & Joey. Alas, Billy S. cannot come due to his new commitment to Peter Noone. (But I'm happy for him, securing steady work with an entertainment LEGEND!)

I hope your 'birthday buzz' lasts for weeks on end!


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