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Let's Hear It For Our Boy!


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Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) has landed the lead role as Ren McCormick. Casting for the female lead is underway. Rumors abound, including one about Julianne Hough from "Dancing With the Stars." She apparently had a "beautiful" screen test, according to one of the producers.

At this point, it appears they are planning to use the big hits from the first film "Footloose", "Let's Hear It For The Boy" "Almost Paradise" and "Holding Out For A Hero", as well as a bunch of "new" music. My best guess is the "new" music will end up on the Soundtrack Album.

I spoke to Dean a while back about this and he told me they hadn't even contacted him about the project. I mean, why would they? He only wrote the original screenplay and ALL THE LYRICS. The whole thing was HIS IDEA! Why would they want to talk to HIM?

Ahhh, Hollywood. You gotta love these people. They're so.... um...so........oh, whatever.

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angelina said:

Ira....if Zac Efron is in Footloose...this movie will be HUGE....maybe as big as "Dirty Dancing" because all the "tweens" and their milfage moms love that kid!

I'm ready to invest! LOL

My 17 year old niece pops my ear drums whenever she sees him on TV. And she starts to giggle uncontrollably when I say: "Ya wanna kiss him? Mawh, mawh, mawh!" I love doing that to her.

She falls apart just looking at him. Gosh darn, I love watching her do that. It's so sweet.

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Yup...It's nice to write some tunes that become part of the fabric of pop culture...and for the artist to periodically be rewarded when these gems are revisited and re-recorded.

"Mazel Tov"...Congratulations to Eric for being remembered and renumerated every coupla years on his great work :cool:!

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