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Sunrise Sensation

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I , too like Sunrise. Once I read G-Man's post and the agreement from highwayangel and Donna, I realize I need to live in New Jersey in order to develop a fuller appreciation of this song. Afterall, G-Man said it simulates an actual sunrise. I want to hear that!!

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I always loved "Sunrise." Thanks so much for putting it up, Elle! The song is as fresh and new as it was when it was written. And, as you can get an idea from the clip, it was absolutely AMAZING to see performed live. I loved those days!


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Sunrise is probably my very favorite Eric Carmen tune (it is also my main "ringtone" thanks to Anna R). It was the second album that I ever purchased and I purchased it primarily because I wanted to have the "long version" of Sunrise.

Remember when they used to chop up some songs that they felt were too long so they could fit in more commercials on the radio?

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