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I've been busy uploading higher-res 80x80 avatars into individual Member's profile pics. I apologize if yours changes or is no longer available as some were not available in higher quality. If you still have an old smallish avatar, please go in and pick a larger one. Otherwise you will be given a random larger avatar. You also have the ability to use custom avatars of your own. Have fun!


PS: If anyone really misses their old avatar, let me know and I'll see if I can do something to resurrect yours if it was lost in the update.

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You ROCK!!!!

I thought I was having a late 1970's-early 1980's chemically-induced flashback when, while changing my avatar, I saw it get bigger and clearer.

Great job as always. BTW...Booyah and Giggity Giggity Goo (see new avatar)


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Hey, Drupe! Higher-res versions of most of the Avatars can be found in that area of your Profile customization. I just popped in the new one for you—see, all nice and clear for you. As for Tim, I'd be more than happy to give you your old one back I just need the photo.

Everyone requires an Avatar now, so pick one or one will be randomly assigned to you. If you can't find anything you like or would like a custom Avatar, just send me a photo and I'll make it into one for you.

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Miss Wendy- this new avatar is another picture of Eric and I.

It is even better than the other one...don't ya think?

( did I EVER think I was going to be able to cuddle up with him in a photo at a Meet and Greet 33 years after I discovered his music? Dream come true...)

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Oh my. I've had a terrible time getting here! Lol! I was able to post and check in the other day, but today, it's being difficult!

Anyway, I'm using a pic that my husband took of me a couple of years ago, but it seems rather "pix-ily". Can that be cleared up?



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Hi Julie,

Send me the original at: antanaitis@cox.net and I'll see what I can do.

Anna - I love your photo! That is the one I would have chosen out of the three that I sent because its more of a close up. I thought it was the same photo, but if you're happy with it, so am I.


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