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A day with Muzza and Kiwi...


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Here are some pics from today. K and M took a lot more so I hope they do share them eventually.

It was so wonderful as everything was so NEW to them. Muzza took a photo of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! lol

What a beautiful day and so much fun to have them all to myself. I got to be a South OC county "tourguide." psych

I loved showing off my "home."

Mission San Juan Capistrano

My own personal sanctuary. Sometimes I go there just to walk the grounds and be alone (with all the tourists - haha)

Kiwi listening to the electronic "tour guide." It worked like a phone.

The alter of the original catherdral that was destroyed in an earthquake in the 1800's.

Muzza and Me in the room where the padres chowed down. LOVE the place settings! wink

How Muzza would like his church to look like. wink

This is the alter of the church that still stands. The alter was made in Spain and shipped over in sections.

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I LOVE it at the Mission and Laguna.

Here is a 17 sec. video of that "rock display". What is that all about? They are rocks for cryin' out loud. We didn't get it.

On the still of this I look like a damn chipmunk. "Brusha- brusha-brusha." Remember GREASE?

I changed the screen display but it could take up to 24 hours. Look at those front teeth...geesh!

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We just HAD to video those rocks, I mean display. There were artifacts, 100's of years old waiting to be touched and they put a sign on some rocks.

Ok, maybe they were really old too, but what would you walk away with...something shiny and gold from Spain or a rock?

Whatever! eye

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Oh Boy.... I'm never goin to be allowed back into America now.

However, thanks to Wendy for showing us her "neck of the woods". The mission was a wonderful place to visit and the beach at Laguna just great.

People from this board have been so generous with there time and we are just blown away with it all.

Muzza cool

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hey... I thought you said some movie mogul would sign me up because of my performance!!! Ain't heard from nobody yet. crying Maybe today... oh now... that'll be too late... we'll be on a plane flying south to the winter!! frown

Muzza cool

Well, you'd think that our self written and produced video was a shoe in for Hollyweird to come knocking on our doors. Hmmmmmm??? Nope, nope - not yet.

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