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R.I.P. Jay Bennett

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What is this with prescription drug overdoses???!!! How many people have to die before awareness of this issue is raised enough to prevent more deaths?

Everywhere there's a musician, movie star, celebrity (or average citizen), there's a physician with a prescription pad who enables this kind of thing. Sometimes it's for physical pain, but most times these drugs are used to alleviate emotional pain. This is the fast track to death.

Unfortunately, dependence is insidious. When my migraines began, I had no clue as to the strength of the painkiller I was taking. I only knew it worked. After awhile it didn't work at the prescribed dosage. While I never exceeded the dosage prescribed (2 every four hours), I began to see that I feared the headaches so much (they last for three solid days of excruciating pain without relief) that I would immediately go for the capsules at the first onset of a twinge. I began to see them as a lifeline, but, fortunately I realized what was happening.

I cut back my dosage to 1 capsule and interspersed them with a strong over-the-counter medicine, taking them as a last resort, and that actually increased their effectiveness.

Had I continued on my original path, I could easily have become addicted.

My headaches have become less frequent and less severe, but to this day, I use the medication only as a last resort, take only one when absolutely necessary and chart my usage so I can avoid any problems.

There needs to be more awareness of how dangerous lawful prescription medication can be.


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