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Wally's Guitars: Part 1


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Back in 2004, I was privileged to attend a Raspberries rehearsal for what was (at the time) to be their ONE AND ONLY reunion show. We all know what happened next! Anyway, seeing as it was the very first time I was ever in the same room with Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim—let alone have the chance to hear them play—I was in awe of the moment. One of the things I did was shoot high-resolution photos of Wally's vintage guitars, and thought I'd share them with you here.

Our first photo is of Wally's circa 1967 Gibson Flying V. Wally played this very guitar on a number of Raspberries' tunes including "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" and "Tonight."



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And before anyone asks, YES everything is original except for the Grover tuning pegs. I replaced the original tuning pegs in 71 or 72. Other than that nothing has changed including the guitar strap which does not come off and has not since 1969 when I bought it. NO, the strings are not original, I have changed those thousands of times.


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Bernie, that picture just blows me away.

What other inanimate objects pulse our minds in this manner?


The Holy Grail?

I remember visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just before the Raspberries' first reunion concert and gazing at the empty resting place from which this guitar had been removed. The empty spot sent chills down my spine. It was almost a (forgive me Father) religious experience.

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