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Raspberries in the Studio


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Take a look at these GREAT unpublished photos of Dave, Eric and Wally in the recording studio circa 1972! These outtakes are from a photo session arranged by Phonograph Record magazine, which published a lengthy article on the boys in October of that year. One can only imagine what song they were working on: Let's Pretend? Nobody Knows? If You Change Your Mind? ...sigh...


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For the closet Columbos out there, Wally was playing his Flying V, Eric was strumming an Ovation Balladeer, and Dave was plucking his trusty Fender Precision bass.

Ken Sharp interviewed Wally a few years ago for 20th Century Guitar magazine. As part of the interview Wally listed what guitar he played on each Raspberries tune. Probably just a matter of figuring out what songs on Fresh featured Wally on the V and had an acoustic guitar part, eh?

As for Jim's whereabouts, my guess is that the band were just recording bass and guitars that morning, or simply running through some parts for later on that day.

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Thank you Bernie for the fantastic photos! Bless you for bringing these back! A rare opportunity for all us to see the band in the studio creating one of the 4 musical masterpieces we've all come to enjoy over the years.



I have to admit that when I saw the headline, my heart jumped with excitement as well! :spin:

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My heart lurched when I saw this thread title!

I have faith that one day soon these pictures will be replaced by present day photos. :)

Till then, these are fantastic pictures of those great days! I love the hat too!

Thanks for putting up such classy pix, as you always do!

:) --Darlene

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