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On 1/6/2009 at 4:38 PM, James said:

It is not the smell of the White Castle Hamburger that provides our defense, it's the "chemical reaction" that ensues after the White Castle Hamburger has been enjoyed. The results of any attempts to pierce this defense will not be pretty.

James, I knew you were probably referring to the "gut-busting" :blink: effect of those tiny little gems when I made my post. I'd just make sure that we enjoyed our "crave case" together, then he would be free to retire to his wing of the castle... after we were both satisfied...

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ok, i SOMEHOW forgot to check in on this thread yesterday and yeah...HOT DAMN!!!!!

Me likey. :wub:

The funny thing is I was at work a couple of hours ago waiting for a client and had the pleasure of hearing "ABM" with no distractions.

All I could think was "I kissed the lips that are singing that song."

Thank God I didn't have a client...I would have been nodding my head hearing "waa waa waa" and tuning in to the music instead!!!!

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