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Merv Griffin


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THAT'S the episode I remember mar. Clive Davis spoke of ec....and ec performed ABM & Boats Against The Current....and you're correct about ec's fiancee being intro'd. In an earlier post I thought it was his wife. I vaguely remember Clive mentioning that ec was a singer/songwriter in the same category as Barry Manilow and Paul McCartney. Maybe someone with a better memory can help me out.

BTW..the cigarette smoking on the set of shows of that era still blows my mind. It was like being in someone's living room..just chatting and puffing!

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On 5/23/2010 at 12:56 PM, marathon mama said:

Eric must have been on the Merv Griffin show more than once. Does anyone else remember seeing a camera shot of a woman in the audience he introduced as his fiancee, Roxanne, I believe he said? She also had a lot of hair.

The girl of 17 was Marcie Hill, Eric's cousin whom he married. He gushed on and on about how madly in love he was with her. Eric said  it was love at first sight.


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Okay, okay...everybody calm down.

They were second cousins. Eric and Marcy's grandfathers were brothers. And yes, "In the United States, second cousins are legally allowed to marry in every state." They did not know each other as children. And they were both legal age:

NAME: Eric Carmen
NAME: Marcy Hill
DATE: 31 Oct 1978


Little know fact: Eric gave Marcy a shout out on the Change of Heart liner notes: "VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Marcy Hill."

Even littler known fact: Marcy's daughter once contacted me through the website and told me her Mom used to be married to Eric. I asked her to send me a wedding photo,  but I guess she got cold feet.


PPS: The above photo looks like it was taken at a Change of Heart release party as the LP title is written atop the cake in the above photo.

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I hate to brag but I also have one at the lake(tv/vcr/dvd combo) and another is a TV/VCR combo that's just sitting in storage that I forgot about but all working...5 total.  Sorry Helen,  I won't be parting with these antiques anytime soon.. And they actually come in handy when babysitting the younger members of the family.

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