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Jim's Ludwigs


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OMGOSH, ladies...come on...where are my "Spice Girls" who add that extra seasoning every week to each new photo? "Jim's Ludwig's" alone got this "innocent" Catholic girl thinking of some great retorts! How am I going to entertain myself between rolling dough and cookie cutting if my gals aren't throwing this thread into a tizzy?

Ok, ok, if I'm talk the talk, I had better walk the walk. So...I'll tell you a "story"...yeah, that's the ticket, a story about the one and only time I met Jim and why Jim is hot...

It was a chilly night in a dark, smoking, Cleveland bar, (Ok, so it was really a well lit, smoke free Hotel lounge) that I first made the acquaintance of Jim Bonfanti. Jim's introduction into my life was as subtle as a brick through a jeweler's window.

You see, I was minding my own business, chatting with a gal I had met in that same bar earlier that afternoon. She had asked me how the concert was and I went on to show her (ok, force her) to view my hour old photos on my digital.

She said, "Refresh my memory, what is the band's name?"

I replied, "The Raspberries."

She said, "What's a Raspberry?"

Just then, I was body slammed by Jim Bonfanti as he tried to make his way through this crowded bar. At which time, the Apple Martini I was daintily nursing flew out of the "Up" glass and came raining down on my black shirt. Jim's mouth dropped, I looked liked Sarah Jessica Parker during the opening scene from Sex in the City and my new bar-friend Sherry exclaimed: "Damn!" (After all she had JUST bought me the drink)

Jim started apologizing profusely and he looked around to find something to blot up the martini with. He grabbed some monogrammed napkins from the bar and as he proceeded to help with the clean up, he realized that the "make" of my shirt was of the "lower manner" shall we say, and the apple martini did not fall on the shirt, itself. When I saw the confusion on his face, I smiled and thought, "Oh this is gonna be good!"

"Umm, again, I am so sorry." He repeated, still grasping the white cocktail napkins firmly in his hands, not knowing what to do next.

I turned to Jim, wiped the sweat from his brow and said:

"Dude, (being from SoCal, sometimes I do say dude) I'll take it from here."

Much to his relief, I took the napkins from his hands and dried myself off. As I was doing so Jim offered to buy me a new drink and apologized once again. I placed my two fingers gently across his lips and whispered:

"Hush now, say no more. This will stay between you and me forever (or until I can spill it on ericcarmen.com). Go now, and always remember, at least we had Cleveland!"

And he walked out of my life mumbling, "What the hell was that all about?"

So you see my friends, "hot" doesn't always come in the form of one with gorgeous hair, lips so full you can lick honey off of them and an “asset†so firm you can bounce a quarter off of it. (It used to be a dime, but with inflation, well, ya know). Oh no, my online compadres, SIZZLING also comes in the form of integrity. Yes, integrity that lives in a man who makes a mistake, doesn't run from it but, is willing TRY and fix it the best he can. That takes guts, folks...and, in the wise words of the well known intellectual and Celebutant, Paris Hilton—"That's HOT!" :)

Yeah, ok, so what really happened was ...Jim bumped into me, the drink spilled, he did apologize profusely, he did offer to get me a new one, he did get the napkins, I did take them from him and thanked him as he apologized again and I said to Sherry—"That's...a Raspberry!"

So ummmm, which sounded more, interesting...the above story "inspired" by a true event or the true event? You decide. Either way, I still think Jim is hot because he was so sweet. Never had a spilled drink been so welcome, just to have it become such a great memory of meeting an idol.

Riiight then...I need to move on to other threads and I think I've inhaled a little too much powered sugar during my week of baking so I'm a little wired. But I feel reeeeeeeeeeeally good! ;)

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Wow. What a great story. And amazing that you got your original set of drums back. I know what it feels like to lose a sentimental thing. I once had a sweater that I still think about. :(

Thanks for posting and hail to Jim and his drums! May you live forever! Okay that was kind a corny. Well what the heck else am I going to say. I better stop here. Bye!

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MJ said:

John Gielgud was priceless as well - "shall I wash your d*ck for you" ahahhaa I fell right outta the chair..... talk about a smart-ass butler.

LOL! He ROCKS! And...not to bring in the Lithuanian factor here (however, I will ever chance I get) but Sir JG was in fact, Lithuanian! :lol: (he looks so much like my Grandpop) When all you have in your "roots" is Ruta Lee to make a fuss over, you have to give a shout out when a real star is one of your "people."

Hey, Al Kaston is half Lithuanian and eating my Lithuanian cookies right now! Well, at least he said he is...he could have tossed them for all I know. ;)

It's a Lithuanian love fest! :wub:

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