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Bowling Night!


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From Eric Carmen: Marathon Man:

"Jim Bonfanti was a regular guy who liked to do things like bowl and play golf, which Eric and I never did," says Marty Murphy.

"One night when we were all hanging out, Eric said, 'You know, we should try and develop our common band personality. We should do more things socially.'

"We all agreed and Jim said, 'We should go bowling.'

"Eric and I rolled our eyes. But Jim convinced us. So, every Thursday night, Eric, Wally, Jim and I would go bowling.

"John [Aleksic] didn't come with us. He lived on the east side of town while the rest of us lived on the west side.

"John never seemed like he wanted to hang around with us anyway. He was a good musician, but this was a critical time when the band personality was being developed and John missed that. That was part of the reason why he didn't fit in."

- - - -

Based on the evidence presented in the never-before-seen photograph above (from Jim Bonfanti's personal collection), it would appear that unlike former Raspberries bassist John Aleksic, new Raspberries member Dave Smalley was a bowler—and from the looks of that shiny baby blue shirt, perhaps, the flashiest bowler in Ohio.


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Looks like a normal tenpin ball to me.

Here in RI we have duckpins, where you can fit a ball in the palm of your hand.

In neighboring MA there's candlepins (or as Tim called them "candlesticks" - got the right idea), where the balls are even smaller than the duckpin balls - and yeah, the pins are like sticks (I'm a big fan of candlepins, btw). A typical male candlepin pro averages 120-130. No one has ever gone 300 - the highest score ever recorded was 245.

Now - back to the photo:

Breaking from the Dave comments, I love the look on Wally which says "bring it!"


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Now you guys have me curious. I am a bit of s bowling "scholar"...heh heh snd I have never heard of 5 pin bowling. I have duckpin bowled and I even candlepin bowled ( I am from Massachusetts) but I have never seen a ball like the one Wally is holding. It is slightly larger than a duckpin/candlepin ball and has holes like a tenppin ball.

Gotta go google 5 pin bowling,

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A quickie search tells me that there are no holes in a 5 pin bowling ball yet Wally clearly has his thumb and middle finger in the ball.

Plus 5 pin is exclusive to Canada.

Hmmm...is there a strange bowling variant in the Cleveland area that I know nothing about??

There is NO way that is a ten pin ball...unless Wally has an enormous hand (which many guitar players have)

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here in quebec e dont have 5-pin...we have regulation bowling (10-pin) and 10-pin bwling using small balls (that fit in the palm...no finger holes)...evrywhere else in Canada the small-ball bowling is with 5 pins...quebecers dont like doing what the rest of canada do...hehehhe...sh*t disturbers that we are...


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Wow, I forgot about those "bowling nights"! To the best of my recollection, they were always at "regulation" bowling alleys.

Dave, Jim has now and always has had an incredible collection of printed t-shirts. Every once in a while he has to "purge" the collection to make way for new ones. He does, however, have his favorites!


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