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Eric At The Piano


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Eric, since you may have been too busy to comment on this photo before - do you remember where/when/why it was taken? The parched grass makes it look like either a heavily used park area, or a mid-summer day in a warm climate region. The outfit looks more like jeans and a denim top, not a jumpsuit, like the caption says.

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I don't know who you are, but I do know you're new. I've been reading your posts and ya know what...I like you!

Sincerely, from the great State of California, County of Orange, City of Mission Viejo,


(who just got off the phone with Ira and should be cleaning the rest of the house, but took a wine and cheese break, even though I am trying not to ingest too much diary and my tofu salad didn't cut the "hunger" mustard so to speak. And with cheese, one must do wine.)

PS, Razz: What's your favorite song? Mine's "Let's Pretend." If that's yours, please choose a new one, ok? ;)

Some things I share, some things I don't. Men and songs are two things I do not share. Please make a note of that at your convenience of course. Thank you!

Oh, goodness gracious sakes alive! I hope I didn't come across as some demanding chick or anything. That was not my intention. Never---ever---ok, maybe. :lol:

Yes, I've had some wine, if I haven't already mentioned it.

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His hands! I must speak of his hands.
The long, slender well-manicured fingers.
Each sparking a 'supply of energy all its own'.
They were capable of so much magic.

More than any magician's have ever wrought!
Ah yes, they were so important to him. And to the world of music, and now...
Down through invisible halls of time,to me!
When they play, the world seems to stop.

And I am being visited by the angels, For that while.

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