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Raspberries Portrait


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The reason for calling the white belt and white shoes a "Half Cleveland" ( or "Full Cleveland", when combined with a powder blue polyester leisure suit ) was that, supposedly, Cleveland businessmen were still wearing them years after they were no longer in fashion (along with "mutton chop" sideburns). That picture was probably taken in 1970 when white belts were still in style, however briefly. Besides, for a proper "Full Cleveland", the belt and shoes should be patent leather. :lol:

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I don't have a problem with white belts or white shoes - it's when men wear their pants up near their chest that it bothers me ahahahhaah ;)

Or.... of course living in Florida you can see some of the worst-dressed men all gathered in one demographic area.... wearing the height of fashion - the plaid shorts with the hawaiian shirt with black socks and sandles..... YIKES.... Get me OUTTA HERE!!!! ahahahaha

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Thank you, Eric, for the fashion education. Too funny.

As for The Hives...even funnier! I wonder if anyone will ever ask them where they got the "matching suits" idea from. Maybe they'll say "Well, there was this guy Eric Carmen..."

Never forget, folks: when the Raspberries wore those white suits with black shirts on the cover of "Fresh," everyone laughed, but when John Travolta wore it in "Saturday Night Fever," every guy wanted to! They were just ahead of their time, is all!

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Much of Crosby's problems / personality isues can be blamed to his drug abuse. He wasn't the easiest guy to be around, but somehow Graham managed to get through all the bs, and form a friendship. I think they both realized the magic that they could create with their voices.

I've read a few bios (including Don Felder's) where Stills is regarded as not a real nice guy. Maybe he's mellowed with age.

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