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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm not talking about what's around his neck...I mean the white belt...

Full Cleveland = white shoes and white belt

Half Cleveland = one or the other

Please note, I have no idea where this term came from, nor can I actually recall having seen anyone IN or FROM Cleveland actually wearing such fashion, except for my father once, who showed up for the high school graduation of one of my sisters in 1972 in white shoes. However, although he is from Cleveland, it should be noted that he committed this fashion crime AFTER moving to Georgia AND that all of us back home who saw him in the shoes were mortified. And no one had even come up with this term for it yet.

So, I find it rather amusing that while I keep maintaining to outsiders that you will never actually find a Clevelander wearing what the rest of the world calls a "Full Cleveland" or "Half Cleveland," well, there's Eric, proving me wrong...

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