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In December 1972, Raspberries performed a little known short set of tunes at Anaheim's Disneyland. I wish I had a photo of the boys in the Disneyland bandstand, but the pic of another band performing there in 1972 should give you some idea of what it might have looked like.

The show was noteworthy for another reason, Eric had a sore throat and therefore didn't sing any of the songs for this series of shows. So twice a day, Dave and Wally traded lead vocals during the band's set. And although we don't have any photos of the band performing, we do have an ULTRA-RARE audience recording. So, check out this never-before-heard rendition of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven!"



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This was the beginning of the "shadowy" relationship Kirk and I have had since 1972. Always seem to be at the same Raspberries or EC events and never knew each other. We finally got to put the pieces together in '07 at the Grove show. Who knew we would be turning up at the same venues thirty-five years later, eh Kirk? :D


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Not being a guitar player, I confess to not noticing what guitar you were playing :mellow:

I'll tell you what I DO remember about those shows:

You guys closed both of the shows I saw with "Dancing In The Streets" (something I hadn't heard the Raspberries do before).

You referring to Wally's double-neck guitar as "The Monster".

I also remember you singing (or at least mouthing the words). Did you have a sore throat the whole week?

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LC, I had saved that ad from '72 and shared it with Bernie to use on the site.  I also have the reply to the letter I sent them in '73 asking if they were getting Raspberries back to play again.  I'll see if I can dredge that up and add it to this post...

Raspberries Disneyland letter.jpg

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