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In early 1973, Capitol Records sent Raspberries on a goodwill tour of Europe. They appeared on a number of radio and television shows and conducted press interviews in several European cities including Frankfurt, Germany, where this GREAT photo of Wally, Jim, Eric and Dave was taken.


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Such a lovely photo. They look so cool!

Smiles like a child,
The power of shyness and beauty.
--brightening my day.
Lácheln wie ein Kind,
Die Macht der Schachternen und Schänheit.
--Aufhellung mein Tag.

Thank you Bernie!!! :heartpump:

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andiemay said:

Aufhellung mein Tag.

Ach du lieber Augustin Augustin Augustin

Ach du lieber Augustin all is kaput.

I agree about Dave's pants. I was so inspired I broke out my "Ronco" Rhinestone-o-matic and I'm going to go "Martha Stewart" crazy on my jeans!

Oh yeah, and Eric looks soooooooooooo freaking CUTE!

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