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EC in Japan


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Dear Kiwi...

I've been tossing the idea around about an all Muzza calender and here are my suggestions...

January...The start of the New Zealand summer season with a picture of our "hero" Muzza in a wet suit which will protect him from all the EC.com ladies drool...

FIBruary...Muzza dresses up in a suit and big bushy mustache...Mark Twain style...to celebrate this legendary yarn spinner...

MUNCH...This month features a food based theme with our heroine(Kiwi) eating a chunk of her favorite cheese...MUZZArella...

HAYPRIL...Muzza lying in a barn with some of his beautiful ex-girlfriends by his side, Baa, Bah, and Blacksheep...

GAY...Muzza dressed in his favorite bra and panties set working out and sweating to Richard Simmons' oldies...

JEWN...In this spiritual shot, Muzza is dressed in a yamikah and extolling the virtues of unleavened bread...

JEWLY...Muzza continues the theme and is shown shoving away a plate of seafood and pork...

DISGUST...Muzza is pictured wearing a doctors outfit as he is ready to cure us as we are getting disgusted seeing his picture this often...

SHEEPTEMBER...Finally, some eye candy for the guys as Kiwi is featured in a Little Bo Peep out fit with Muzza in the background,following her around, on all fours, with a wool coat on...

HUNKTOBER...Muzza goes all out in this pose with just his clerical collar on and nothing else...

NOGENDER...A full frontal shot of Muzza with no genetalia...

DISMEMBER...What we do to the calender after looking at eleven straight shots of the Muzzman...

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Well, me and the other "calendar boys" will be having a summit to discuss marketing, packaging, and distribution sometime over the Holidays. Some of the ideas going into the meeting include having the calendar as more of an old fashioned "pop-up" book :angry: , keeping it secure for shipping with some kind of tape since we don't like the term "shrink wrap" :P , and we are toying with borrowing an idea from our favorite band and putting a scratch and sniff sticker on the cover <-- Before you get grossed out, it will actually have the essence of beer, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, or maybe some nice Aqua Velva cologne! :wacko:

We'll keep you posted...


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Thanks Anna for asking, but I'm too expensive (per my agent).

But I was wondering why you all were messing with

the serfs of this website (Tony Cartmill, Hollies, Muzz, Angelina, Kirk etc,etc, etc) when you've got the King (Lew) right in your back yard!!??

Now I know what everybody will say - that Lew is no James etc, etc etc. While that may be true (it's definately true) I have it from a good source (Lewisa) that Lew is authentic Royalty. In fact, here are a couple pillow talk quotes from Lewisa to James:

"Compared to you James, and your Amor skills, Lew is a Royal underachiever."

"James, a woman doesn't like to be shown up. The problem with Lew is that he likes to dress up as Queen Victoria on the weekends. James, how can a woman compete with that!? On the flipside, with you James, I feel so femimine in contrast to your handsome masculinity.."

Sometimes Lewisa make me blush, as I'm a pretty humble guy.

Anyway, so I guess the bottom line is that Lew is blue blood Royalty if I've ever seen blue blood Royalty. And it should be LEW donning the cover, and all 12 months of your sexy man calendar thing..

James has spoken, you may now close this thread.

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Tim From Wisconsin said:

Some of the ideas going into the meeting include having the calendar as more of an old fashioned "pop-up" book , keeping it secure for shipping with some kind of tape since we don't like the term "shrink wrap"

Tim, Great Idea! I've always loved "pop-up" books. If you guys decide on this format - we may have to go with an eXXX-tended version of the calendar. I can't wait to see who the models are for months 10-12!!! :eyecrazy:

BTW: Keep me updated...As you might have seen on my previous post, I volunteered to be the Photo-Editor for this project...and I am a "hands-on" type of person.

(Wendy, I know I probably should not have "touched" this one, but you know how hard it it for me to resist!!!) :lol:

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  • 1 year later...

It is the "post against the current".

But nobody answered the question "Was this DJ a bilingual?", so I answer.

This DJ is Tatuhiko Yamamoto, Japanese singer-songwriter.

He skilled in English. But I think that the interpreter translated in broadcasting. Because many of Japanese are shy, even the person to whom English is very skilled says, "I am not good at English".

But I am not REALLY good at English to our regret…. I should be very taciturn when there is no translation machine. :(

At that time, Tatsuhiko Yamamoto was very popular because he was very intellectual and handsome (and he was known by his wonderful hair! :D).

I imagine the title of this radio program is "The prince in Japan talks about music with the prince in the United States".

BTW, Bernie said that

"Ironically, a lot of food served in Japan ISN'T cooked!"

Does this mean slices of raw fish called "SASHIMI?"

Actually, the cooking method of "SASHIMI" looks simple, but it is very complex, actually. I explain about this later again.

And... I hate to be called Japs.

Tim From Wisconsin, Wendy, and marvin

I respect for your fair, perception of history, and recognition of international relation.

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