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EC in Japan


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hollies65 said:













It'll sell dozens!

Dang Steve, you are RIGHT on top of these posts.

Cafe Express or are you mass producing them from your garage? I'm in!

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Daisy McLintock said:

Yes I meant to say the Japanese but they're Japs for short.

Well hey Daisy...yeah, I get the old, "shortening" of names and such...but before I have to break out an old Andrew sisters' LP and don my silk stockings with a seam up the back...this isn't 1941 and FYI, how do I say this...awwww yes, our friends on the Island of Japan are called, Japanese. Just throw in the extra 4 letters as it might be taken as an offense if you don't. I'm guessing this didn't occur to you and I'm sure you met no harm. I can almost guess, it's better for "relations" with our fellow Japanese board members. :)

And just so you know...I hugged Bernie last week and the week before (NYC and LA) enough for all of the ec.com girls! It was really nice, too! ;)


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Daisy McLintock said:

Go get your stockings with the seam up the back. Japs is short just like mags is short for magazine... I don't see the big deal.

Actually Daisy, no...it's not. In a round about way, I was trying to get you to understand that Japs is a slur. But you know what...say it all you want...esp. if you ever visit, I don't know. JAPAN???? I give up...

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Daisy McLintock said:

I'll never visit Japan or China unless I am famous and they pay me over a million dollars to perform.

"million dollars to perform"? Perform what? In any case, don't wait until you're famous or until they pay you a million dollars. Go now. Two beautiful countries.

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