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Recording "Tonight You're Mine"


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On 6/9/2008 at 10:09 PM, hollies65 said:

What do people mean by "tight pants"? I wear 30/32 pants,jeans etc.I mean they are not loose...but they fit well...Where are they supposed to be tight?

Ok...I'll give you that..."fit well." :)

*Where are they supposed to be tight?*

Hmmm...that could be a loaded question. :D

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I miss the hair too, neither of my sons have had hair longer than and inch or two since they were in kindergarten, they are in their twenties now.

I have begged them to let their hair grow, no luck ... yet

Thank goodness they don't wear baggie pants, it isn't the style for their crowd and hasn't been for a while now.

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My oldest son has Kurt Cobain hair(except he combs it :) ). My middle son's is about collar length. My youngest son's was past his shoulders and kept begging for a super short cut. I finally gave in. Now he wants it cut at least once a month. He loves it, but I wish he'd let it grow. My stepson has shoulder length hair with that long cover-one-eye-side-swoop thing.

Like your boys, mine never got into the baggy pants thing. My middle one skateboards and wears those super skinny jeans--can't skate and hold up your pants at the same time!

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Ok everyone...my Mom is going on 78 years and she couldn't understand what I saw in Eric...I showed her these pics of him and she now understands...maybe the pants, maybe the hair (on the chest as well ) but she now says she thinks its the Whole Package...now what a 78 year old woman would mean by that is up to you...

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What fantastic surprises these photos have been!

Thanks a million, dear Webmaster!!!

When I first looked at this photo, I wasn't wearing my glasses and I thought it said "STAR" on Eric's shirt. Now I see it looks like "UTAH."

It *should* be "STAR." If anyone deserves to wear "STAR" on his shirt, it's Eric.

:) --Darlene

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